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28 June –  There was a good turn out of ISDEV members during this session of Tuesdays Teachings on 25 June 2013. The Tazkirah for this session was given by Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad on "Sikap Solaful Salihin Menyambut Ramadhan"  (The Attitudes of the Pious in Welcoming Ramadhan).

Ustaz Syakir's teachings from the book Hidayah Salikin

In her Tazkirah, Dr. Fadzila Azni began by describing that there are three types of people in welcoming Ramadhan. The first two types are those belonging to the happy group while the third group belongs to the sad group. However in the two happy groups, the one group is filled with delight of the coming of Ramadhan because they are still alive to reap the bountiful promises in terms of the intangibles through the multiplication of rewards, blessings, solat tarawikh and the advent of the night of Qadr given by Allah SWT only and solely in the month of Ramadhan. The second happy group however is happy for tangible things like the existence of Bazaar Ramadhan, sale of Kuih Raya, Baju Raya, Buffet Ramadhan and other promotions that is specific in the month of Ramadhan.

For the third group who welcomes the blessed month of Ramadhan with sadness, this group viewed Ramadhan as threatening to their easy going lifestyle as they are not allowed to eat and drink in public easily, smoking and other activities.

Dr. Fadzila Azni reminded ISDEV members to follow the first type of the happy group and that since Ramadhan is only a few days away to ensure that the preparation and planning for the Agenda of Ramadhan is consciously and pro-actively done.

Ustaz Shahir (right) as Chairperson looks on while Ustaz Syakir
answers one of the questions posed

The teachings session then continued on the “Adab (Islamic Manners) While Taking the Wudhu' (Ablution)” by Ustaz Syakir who made detailed explanations from the book Hidayah Salikin by Syeikh Abdul Samad al-Palimbani on the finer points that a Muslim need to take note of when taking the ablution. An ala mock viva session ensued when Dr Mohd. Shukri Hanapi asked Ustaz Syakir three questions based on his teachings that day.

Ustaz Shahir Akram served as the Chairperson for the day.

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