Friday, June 7, 2013

The First Ban Nua Language Camp

Straight from the heart - Mohd. Rizal (seated-centre) with his students

June 7 - On 23 April 2013, six ISDEV delegates who were sent to the Ban Nua Language Camp finally arrived in Penang. The camp which took place for 15 days in the Ban Nua Village at Hatyai, Thailand had accomplished and met its objective. The ISDEV delegates who participated in the camp were Murni (leader), Nur Ilani, Nuruleifaa, Nurhidayah, Abdullah Fahimy, and Mohd Rizal. They had successfully played their roles as the Malay Language and English Language teachers.

Nuruleifaa (left) about to begin her class

The language camp which was the first-of-its kind camp was organized by the Ban Nua Community had received an overwhelming response. A total of 216 students aged between 9 to 13 years old participated in the camp. Those students hailed from the states of Southern Thailand which included Songkhla, Yala, Satun, Narathiwat, and Pattani. The objective of the camp was to cultivate the Islamic culture in human’s life beginning from the young through the language medium. The camp was fulfilled with meaningful activities as early as 4.00am and lasted until 9.00pm every day.

Lesson in session - Nur Ilani and Nurhidayah conducting their class

Abdullah Fahimy (left - back row standing) with his class
after the students' assessment test

The preparation for both the Malay and English languages teaching had begun much earlier with Dr Idris Mansor, who acted as the language coordinator for the camp. From 9.00am until 3.00pm every day, the Malay and English classes were conducted in the Ban Nua School, located immediately beside the Ban Nua Mosque. The language classes were separated according to the gender, of which 134 were female while the remaining students were male. There were seven classes divided among seven teachers.

Now as students - ISDEV delegates learning the Thai Language

In addition to teaching the languages, ISDEV delegates also grabbed the opportunity to learn the Thai language to facilitate their communications with the Ban Nua Community. The Thai class had been conducted by two teachers from Ban Nua School who were also fluent with the Malay and English Languages.

All eyes on Murni as she imparts knowledge from her heart

Besides honing their teaching skills and contributing to the language literacy, the 15 days experience of living in the fishermen’s village in Thailand to teach in the language camp, have allowed these ISDEV delegates to gain much more than could be hoped for through reflections and the lessons learnt especially  in strengthening their spiritual aspects.

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