Thursday, May 23, 2013


A captive audience at the DPU of USM

23 May –The ISDEV Monthly Supervision for May 2013 was held at the University Conference Hall (DPU) of Universiti Sains Malaysia on 17 May, 2013. The focus of this month’s graduate supervision was on the “Mini-INGRAW 2012” (ISDEV International Graduate Workshop).

Dr Fadzila Azni (left) chairing the "Tarbiyah Pengarah"

The program started at 9.30am sharp with the “Tarbiyah Pengarah” delivered by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh. Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad served as the Chairperson for this session.

Prof. Syukri Salleh delivering his "Tazkirah Pengarah"

The “Tarbiyah Pengarah” emphasized on the importance of ‘Menikmati Kaedah Hati ke Hati’ (Benefitting from the Heart to Heart Method). In his Tazkirah, Prof. Syukri firstly gave an introduction on the term “Nikmat” and the importance of muhasabah (reflections) to assess how far the “Nikmat” has been achieved. Prof. Syukri also took the time to outline several factors such as habl min Allah (relationship with Allah SWT), relationship with one’s parents and/or spouse, relationship with one’s teachers and one’s qalb (heart) as important factors for this “Nikmat” to be achieved and felt by all members of ISDEV.

Four of the five presenters with Ustaz Shahir Akram (right)

After the “Tarbiyah Pengarah” session, the “Mini-INGRAW 2012” saw five students presenting their working papers. INGRAW is an annual conference jointly organized by ISDEV and the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, USM which is mandatory for ISDEV students to participate. As such working papers which were not in receipt within the stipulated dateline of INGRAW 2012 or newly registered students of ISDEV who wanted to present their working papers were given the opportunity to present at the “Mini-INGRAW 2012”. Ustaz Shahir Akram served as the Chairperson for this session.

Mini-INGRAW 2012 in session

The rationale afforded for this “Mini-INGRAW 2012” is so that all students are given equal opportunity to present their working papers before an audience simultaneously helping students to gain some useful information, sharing of ideas and most importantly the opportunity to improve their papers for publication purposes.

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