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The ISDEV-Teacher representatives
with ISDEV lecturers, fellows and statistician

28 April - A total of 13 delegates from ISDEV led by ISDEV Director, Prof. Muhammad Shukri Salleh left for Ban Nua, Thailand on 9 April, 2013 to attend a program jointly organized by ISDEV, the Ban Nua Community and Walailak University.

Murni Yusof (third from right) leader of the ISDEV-Teacher delegates

The program signified the First Malay Language and English Language Camp ("the Language Camp"). ISDEV had sent six students as the Malay and English Teachers who are led by Murni Yusoff. They were assisted by nine students from the Walailak University and 10 students from the Prince of Songkhla University who acted as tutors and interpreters in the Language Camp.

The venue for the opening ceremony - The Masjid Ban Nua 

The opening ceremony of the program was held the following day at the Masjid Ban Nua. Among those present in this ceremony were Prof. Muhammad Shukri Salleh, ISDEV Director, Dr. Wisoot bin Lateh (also known affectionately as Dr Tobrani) the Imam of Ban Nua, and Ajan Razak Panamalae, Head of Walailak University delegation.

Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, ISDEV Director, delivering the opening ceremony

After the opening ceremony, a ta‘aruf (orientation) session between the ISDEV-Teacher delegates and  the tutors and interpreters from Walailak University and the Prince of Songkhla University were held.

All those involved in the Language Camp with Dr.Tobrani (in white)

The ISDEV-teachers delegates were at Ban Nua for the Language Camp for two weeks. The Language Camp started on 10 April, 2013 and ended on 25 April, 2013. The Camp coordinator is Dr Idris Mansor. The target group of the Language Camp is the primary school going students in that area.

The venue of study - where the language classes were conducted

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