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(L-R) Professor Syukri and Dr Zakaria posing
with the Blue Mosque as a backdrop

31 March - Given the opportunity to present their research papers at an international conference was something that ISDEV members can be proud of. From 28 February till 5 March 2013, two ISDEV delegates, ISDEV Director, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh and Deputy Director, Dr. Zakaria Bahari were flown to one of the largest urban agglomerations in Europe and is among the largest cities in the world by population within city limits - Istanbul, Turkey.

At the Grand Bazaar

In front of the Blue Mosque
Besides having a little opportunity to visit tourist-attraction places such as the historic Blue Mosque, Aya Sophia, Spice Market and Grand Market, the main purpose they were there was to present their papers at the Workshop on Basic Concept and Thoughts in Islamic Economics. The workshop is co-organised by IGIAD, ILKE and ILEM - three important NGOs in Turkey.

The Conference in Session

Prof. Syukri (2nd from left) with some of the Conference Participants
Amongst the distinguished scholars present were Prof. Masudul Alam Chodhury from Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), Professor Abdulrahman Yousari Ahmad from University of Alexandria (Egypt), Professor Asad Zaman from International Islamic University (Pakistan), and Professor M.Fahim Khan from University of Defense (Pakistan).

Prof Syukri (left) presenting his paper
An enthusiastic Dr.Zakaria (left) during his paper presentation
ISDEV Director, Prof.Muhammad Syukri Salleh presented the paper on "Concepts in Islamic Economic Revisited: The Case of Poverty' while Dr.Zakaria Bahari presented on 'Islamic Economics Assumption Revisited: Contemplating of the Concept of Scarcity".

All ears - listening intently to the English interpretation
Prof Syukri (right) posing with Prof. M. Fahim Khan (left)
Both presentations were well-commented and accepted. Professor Asad Zaman strengthened Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh's presentation by providing an analogy of Muslims who advocate the accommodation of western ethno-centric ideas being similar to the ones who take something from the poor, as if that they are unaware of the richness found in Islam itself. Professor Abdulrahman Yousari Ahmed-who is one of the pioneers of modern Islamic economics, together with Prof Khurshid Ahmad, Dr. Umar Chapra. M.A Mannan, etc - regarded his presentation as a pioneering attempt in understanding poverty through a material-spiritual integration. Indeed it is surprising to know from him that Prof.Muhammad Syukri's presentation is in fact the first of such an attempt in the circle of Islamic economics.

Prof Syukri and Dr Zakaria with their assigned guide, Merven
Prof. Muhammad Syukri's active involvement in writing and participation in international conferences is hoped to have spurred ISDEV members to pursue scholarly excellence and intellectualism through involvement in international conferences. Such exposure could not only increase one's experience and allow the discovery of new knowledge but also as a tool for the advancement of one's self, religion, race and foremost Islam.

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