Thursday, December 27, 2012


Picture For Keeps - the lovable children of Ban Nua
18 Dis - MISDEV'12 successfully  organized an academic cum friendship trip to Ban Nua, Thailand from the  7th until 9th December, 2012. 40 delegates from ISDEV consisting of ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, lectures as well as students joined in this programme. This academic visit also serves as cordial gesture of a return visit of the 90 delegates strong entourage from Ban Nua Thailand, led by Dr Tobrani,  who visited ISDEV on the 23rd October 2012.

Officiating the Programme - Dr Tobrani welcoming ISDEV delegates 
Officiating the Programme - the affable Prof Muhammad Syukri Salleh 
As a request from Dr. Tobrani, the programme was packed with useful activities such as a "Cleanliness Campaign" among Ban Nua school children, a nasyeed teaching session focused on Asma Ul Husna and Salawatreorganizing the Mini Library of the Ban Nua community as well as an IT session with focus on "Excel" dedicated for the Ban Nua's zakat managers.

Part of the cleanliness program - teeth brushing sessions

Reorganizing the mini library
Teaching session of the nasyeed on Asma ul Husna  
An Excel Workshop in session 
There was also a friendly football match between ISDEV brothers with Wailalak University students as one team playing against the Ban Nua community team. The ISDEV-Wailalak University team won the match on penalties after extra time. 

Ustz Shahir (ISDEV) seconds before scoring the goal for the ISDEV-Walailak Team

A Great Game - The football team from ISDEV with Walailak University and Ban Nua  players
There was a distinct uniqueness in Ban Nua. First ISDEV delegates learned from the trip hands-on on what  Islamic development from the grassroots is in reality. Second they also learned what is meant by knowledge management by upholding the simple rule of "Perform the solat and pay the zakat”. Third the importance of the masjid  as a centre of administration. Fourth was on how zakat is effectively used to help the poor and fifth was the sacrifice made by the villagers of Ban Nua in building the masjid.

At the Floating Market
The self-sustaining Ban Nua community living amid a non-Muslim majority country is a true walk-the-talk inspiration to all ISDEV members.

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