Friday, November 16, 2012


A jubilant Ekawaty standing next to her supervisor,
Dr Zahari Hamat

8 Nov - The first day of November in the year 2012 will be such a memorable day for Marlina Ekawaty, ISDEV's PhD candidate. She had successfully defended her thesis entitled “Pengurusan Zakat di Kota Malang, Indonesia: Analisis daripada Muzakki dan Institusi Zakat” (Zakat Management in Malang, Indonesia: Analysis from Muzakki and Zakat Institutions) during her viva which was held at the Mc Clintoch Room in the IPS Building.

Commemorating her success - a photo with  her panel of examiners
to record Ekawaty's moment of triumph
The viva session was chaired by Professor Abdul Khalil H.P Shawkataly from the School of Industrial Technology, USM. The external examiner for the viva was Professor Dato’ Dr. Hailani Muji Tahir (Fakulti Pengajian Islam, UKM) while the internal examiners were Dr. Zakaria Bahari (ISDEV) and Dr.Hasanah Abd Khafidz (School of Humanities). The Dean of the School of Social Sciences, Dr. Nor Malina Abd Malik and the Director of ISDEV, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh were also present. 

In defending her thesis, Ekawaty who is under the supervision of Dr. Zahari Hamat and co- supervised by Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad, was able to answer all the questions posed to her with such calm disposition and confidence. She was well tuned to the contents of her thesis. Her responses and answers to the questions posed by the examiners truly left a positive impression to all present.

Following the traditions of her preceding ISDEV PhD candidates, Ekawaty’s thesis also received the recommendations that her thesis ought to be nominated for an award.

Congratulations Marlina Ekawaty!

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