Monday, September 10, 2012


27 JULY - This month's ISDEV Graduate Monthly Supervision saw a packed conference of Room C06, at the School of Social Sciences. More than 30 ISDEV members were present for this month's programme.

C06 - Fullhouse with ISDEV members

The programme started with a Tazkirah delivered by Ustaz Shahir Akram who discussed about the benefits that can be derived from observing the fast in conjunction with this holy month of Ramadhan.

A focused Ustaz Shahir giving his Tazkirah

In his speech, he explained that Muslims can obtain a lot of benefits from fasting. Among them are the increase in piety and faith to Allah SWT and to be able to cultivate oneself to be consistent (istiqamah) in doing a job. In addition by fasting one can also remain healthy and active. Thus he urged everybody to take this opportunity in this blessed month to increase the good and pious deeds besides and to perform the fast with sincerity solely for the sake of Allah SWT.

A cool, calm and collected Dr Fadzila Azni taking a breather during her lecture

The programme then continued with the main objective which is the supervision on "Referencing in Thesis According to the APA Format". Dr. Fadzila Azni led this session by providing a detailed explanation on the various situations and styles of citing a reference in the APA format. A lively questions and answer sessions transpired throughout her lecture. 

One of the points prepared and presented by Dr Fadzil Azni 

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