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left-right : Ustaz Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Ustaz Muhammad Yasir Yusoff
3 May - Congratulations and praise to Allah SWT for the success of two ISDEV PhD candidates, Ustaz Mohd Shukri Hanapi and Ustaz Muhammad Yasir Yusoff. They had finally completed their studies and have now officially received their doctorate title.

It has become a practice in ISDEV for the candidates to attend the mock viva a day prior to the actual viva. It is aimed at providing a realistic presentation for the candidates to enable them to adequately prepare for the actual viva.
The  candidates during their mock viva
The first candidate, Ustaz Shukri hanapi's viva voce was scehduled in the morning. It could be discerned that he was a little jittery but he managed to answer all questions calmly. The chairman of the viva voce declared that all examiners were pleased not only with his written thesis but also the manner in which he was able to defend it excellently. He added that his thesis ought to be awarded at the School's level the very least, if not at the University's level.

Performing solat hajat before the actual viva
Ustaz  Shukri with his examiners and supervisors
2:30pm saw Ustaz Yasir's turn for his viva voce. The air was definitely tensed as the candidate was fielded various questions from the examiners. Although he was unable to agree to some of the questions asked and suggestions given by the examiners, he had managed to control the situation and respond with utmost calmness and clarity.
The supporters

However, all wells that ends well. The palpitations that he might have felt during the oral examinations were well worth it. Ustaz Yasir who hails from Acheh, received the great news that he had passed his viva voce with flying colours and that his thesis should also be nominated for the best thesis award.

Congratulations to both candidates!

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