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The 6th ISDEV International Islamic Development Management Conference (IDMAC 2012): Islamic Management of Human Development
29th – 30th August, 2012, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
Organized by:
Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV) & Social Transformation Platform
Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia
The 6th ISDEV International Development Management Conference is the sixth of a series of initiative to encourage related research in Islamic social sciences perspective, this time in the area of Islamic Management of Human Development. This conference is a continuation of the 5th ISDEV International Development Management Conference with the theme: Islamic Marketing and Asset Management which was held at Universiti Sains Malaysia on 13th – 14th December 2011.
This year, the conference aims to achieve the following objectives:
1)  To provide a platform and opportunities for human development management practitioners, managers, scholars, researchers, academicians, graduate students and others from all over the world to engage on an intellectual discourse on Islamic Management of Human Development;
2)  To present the latest research findings related to all issues of Islamic Management of Human Development, domestically and internationally, that relate to the philosophy and concepts, issues, challenges, prospects, transformation of Islamic Management of Human Development into a more effective and dynamic field of study and as well as a more vibrant industry;
3)    To explore new ideas and issues on Islamic Management of Human Development especially those that could contribute to the transformation of Islamic Management of Human Development that is able to lead to the maximisation of benefits for the ummah.
Islamic Management of Human Development is a fairly new area, deemed to still be at its exploratory stage. As such, we each bear the responsibility in doing our share towards providing the building blocks and strengthening the understanding about the area, resulting into a body of knowledge for the fulfillment of primordial contract (the amanah) between Allah SWT and man, in which a man as servant of Allah SWT, and His vicegerent on earth performs righteous deeds based on tawhidic ethical value.  In reality, the existing research on Islamic Management of Human Development has been conducted using conventional research frameworks which place maximizing income, profits or other similar outcomes as the final goal.  This should not be the case, and so the situation therefore calls for idea development, discussions, debates and empirical research to be put into action based on Islamic tasawur with goals that are more in line with the Islamic teachings and seek no ultimate results other than the redha (mardathillah) from Allah SWT.
This conference attempts to seek the answers to these problems, as well as to formulate innovative ways and strategies to turn them into actions, implementations and realizations, with forward-looking insights into the keys that could pave the ways to the intended transformation of Islamic Management of Human Development, from the current level to a more highly productive level.
This is a conference that hopes to be able to blend new, innovative and practical minds, unlike the common stereotype, reiterative and rhetorical ones. So are the papers and discussions expected for this conference.
Suggested Sub-themes (relating to human development management)
  1. Human development management philosophy and concepts
  2. Management institution
  3. Business ethics
  4. Education for human development management
  5. Leadership
  6. Monitoring and controlling system
  7. Globalization issues and challenges
  8. Environmental development management
  9. Poverty management
  10. History and civilization
  11. Economic and asset management
Those who are interested in the area of Islamic Management of Human Development namely researchers, academicians, practitioners, government officers or postgraduate students.
Important Dates
Submission of Abstract        : 20th June 2012
Submission of Full Paper     : 20th July 2012
Registration                         : 29th August 2012
University Conference Hall, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
English or Arab or Malay
Conference Procedure
1.      Paper submitted to the workshop must be original and have not been submitted, presented or published in any other academic meetings and publications.
2.      Abstract and full paper must be sent via e-mail. Acceptance of the paper will also be sent via the same.
3.    The length of the full paper must not exceed 15 single space pages, excluding tables and figures. The typeface used should be Times New Roman font 12 pt (APA format) with 1 inch margins on the left and right of the page.
4.      The title page must clearly indicates:
  • Title of the paper
  • Name of the author(s)
  • Research Field
  • Department(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Mailing address
  • E-Mail address
  • Phone numbers
  • Fax number
5.      Outstanding papers will be considered for publication.
For reservation and information, please arrange directly with the recommended hotels listed below:
Guest House, USM
(within campus)
RM110/USD36 (Premium)
RM130/USD42 (Deluxe)
Guest House, RECSAM
(10 minutes’ drive)
Equatorial Hotel
(15 minutes’ drive)
Vistana Hotel
(10 minutes’ drive)
Sri Malaysia Hotel
(15 minutes’ drive)
Anggerik Villa
(5 minutes’ drive)
B Suite
(15 minutes’ drive)
RM150/USD49 (Studio Suite)
RM185/USD60 (Family Suite)
Krystal Suite
(15 minutes’ drive)
RM188/USD61 (Bedroom Suite)
RM248/USD80 (2 Bedroom Suite)
Note: All rates are subject to change                     
Registration Fees

Student    :  RM100.00/USD50
Standard  :  RM400.00/USD150

The registration fee includes workshop materials, lunches and refreshments.


Abstract & Working Papers:                

Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad
Tel: 04-653 4601

Dr. Sharifah Suraya Syed Jamaludin
Email :
Tel : 04-6532797

Registration & Fee:

Puan Azrin binti Ibrahim
Tel : 04-6532655

Cik Lenny A/k Luat
Tel : 04-6532655

Conference website :

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