Tuesday, March 27, 2012


23 Feb - As usual, the Tuesday Study Session this week was divided into two sessions, the Tazkirah and the lecture session.

This week the Tazkirah was delivered by ISDEV ASTS Fellow Ustazah Azrin Ibrahim. She talked about a Pencil. To her, there are 5 types of lessons that can be extracted from a pencil. Firstly, pencil reminds us that we can do great things in this life. But one has to be conscious that there is always a guiding hand in this life. It's Allah SWT. He always guide us according to His will.

Secondly, when sharpened, a pencil could hurt but this is not its aim. Its sharpness is meant to smoothen the writings. In lives, trials and tests certainly make us feel sore and painful. But be
assured that there are wisdoms behind them, at least to make us better than ever.

Thirdly, a pencil always give us the opportunity to capitalize on the eraser, correcting the wrong words. Therefore, eliminate our wrong-doings to get better attitude. Fourthly, the most important parts of a pencil is charcoal in it. Without the charcoal, the pencil is useless. So is a human being. One has to be careful and aware of things inside himself. Fifthly, a pencil can leave an impact and scratches. Analogically, one has to be always careful and aware of every action taken, for they will have an impact.

The second part of the the Study Session was led by Ustaz Syakir. He talked about 'Tawakal'. The question and answer session which ensued was lively as a number of queries were fielded to Ustaz Syakir who had managed to answer them all well.

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