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In front of Baan Nua Mosque

11, 12, 13 Nov - A memorable trip to Thailand organized by USM MISDEV' 11, have shown a big success. The trip had taken place in 3 different areas in South Thailand- Nakhorn Si Thammarat, Baan Nua and Hat Yai. The purpose of the trip is to gain a better understanding on the subject SIW505- Islamic Epistemology & Tasawwur.

The journey began on the bright Friday morning with the group of 52 delegates including lecturers, researchers and students departed from USM Penang at 8 am with the target to reach Walailak University which is located in the district of Nakhorn Si Thammarat at 5 pm.

Walailak University

In the middle of the journey, we stopped at Sadau for Friday Prayer and lunch. The very outrages spicy foods from Thailand had become the first hurdle for most of the delegates. At 7 pm (Thailand time), the delegates arrived safely at Walailak University even thought it is 2 hours behind the real schedule. The greetings from Walailak University was overwhelming.

Walailak University President, Dr. Keerath Saguansai

The opening ceremony of the night started with the reporting speech from Islamic Studies and Muslim Community Development for Peaceful Social Integration of Walailak University (ISWU) President, Associate Prof. Dr. Chairat Siripatana. All delegates were very delightful when the Walailak University President, Dr. Keerath Saguansai waited for almost 2 hours to give the welcoming himself and be part of the MoU signing ceremony. Before the MoU signing ceremony took place, Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh, the Director of ISDEV gave his appreciation speech to Walailak University. The MoU signing ceremony between ISDEV and ISWU went smoothly. The purpose of this collaboration is to develop a good relationship between ISDEV and ISWU. This collaboration enhanced the strength of ISDEV and ISWU in continuing their journey together. The night ended with a very delicious dinner prepared by Walailak University.

Prof. Muhammad Syukri Salleh, the Director of ISDEV

After the signing of the MoU (L-R: Dr Chairat, Dr. Keerath Saguansai and Prof Syukri)

On the second day, the event continued with the presentation by Associate Prof. Dr. Chairat Siripatana regarding Walailak University and ISWU. Dr. Fadzila Azni then continued to share with ISWU about ISDEV. Two MISDEV11 students, Dalfiza and Marhamah also presented their experiences in ISDEV. The event then continued with the ISDEV-ISWU-AMRON Intellectual Dialogue.

Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad

L-R: Dalfiza and Marhamah sharing their experiences

The second place to visit is Baan Nua. After 3 hours journey from Walailak University, we reached Baan Nua mosque safe and sound. The event at Baan Nua started with the dinner. After performing Maghrib prayer, the delegates were separated into groups. It was surprised when all the delegates were divided into group of 5 or 10 people to stay at the home stay provided by the Baan Nua mosque. Then the event of the night continued with the welcoming ceremony from Baan Nua mosque committee. The delegates were so lucky to have Ajan Razak as the translator. After the event, the delegates were then served with a late night supper. After that the delegates went back to their home stay separately to experience the local lifestyle of the Baan Nua community.

The Baan Nua Mosque

Baan Nua village tour

One of the houses of Baan Nua villager

The third day has finally arrived. On the bright sunny morning, we were given the opportunity to have a tour around the village of Baan Nua. After a very enjoyment tour, the delegates were then proceeded to Hat Yai. We arrived Hat Yai at 11.30 am, to shop and tour around Hat Yai city.

Shopping at Hat Yai

At 2.30 pm, it's time for us to return USM, Penang. On the way back, the delegates stopped at Al-Bukhary Mosque, Alor Star, Kedah and had the opportunity to perform prayer. At 9 pm, the delegates arrived safely in Penang. This memorable trip was a priceless life time experiences that every one of the delegates were very anxious to come back to Thailand if they were given another opportunity. MISDEV'11 had the best opportunity to gain much info regarding Islamic Epistemology and Tasawwur.

At Walailak University

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