Sunday, November 13, 2011


1 Nov - This week's lecture was held at C23, School of Social Sciences. As usual, the Tuesdays Teaching were divided into two sessions which started with the Tazkirah session followed by the lecture session.

The Tazkirah session was delivered by Brother Ridwan Nurdin who talked on the topic pertaining to 'Wanton Wastefulness in Islam'. According to him, Ibnu al-Qayum al-Jauziah has said that there are 9 types of wastage in Islam such as wastage in knowledge, deeds, wealth, the heart, the body, love, time, the mind, and zikir (remembering of Allah SWT) if it does not give any effect to the heart.

The second session then was led by Ustaz Yasir Yusuf who talked on 'Chapter of Marriage' with the focus on 'Personalities of Spouse'. The question and answer session which ensued as definitely lively as a number of queries were fielded to Ustaz Yasir who had managed to answer them all well.

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