Wednesday, November 2, 2011


18 October - This week's Tuesday Teaching was held at the usual time slot but the venue was change to SK104.

"Gratefulness" (Kesyukuran) and Ways to Express Gratitude to Allah SWT was the topic of the Tazkirah delivered by Ustazah Murni Yussof. It was her first endeavor to deliver the Tazkirah for this session before 30 attentive listeners made up lecturers and students. In her reminder, she highlighted how to express thanks to Allah SWT by giving several examples.

Ustaz Shahir then continued with his lesson on Tajwid (rules of Quranic reading) focusing on Hamzah al-Wasal which is used to connect the reading of one word to the next word (the hamzah al-wasl looks like an alif with a little letter over it). It is commonly found in the beginning of a word. It is called Hamzah al-wasl because it connects or joins (wasl) to a point with a sukoon. He further states that when one is met by a hamzah al-wasl while reading the Quran, it should be noted that it is an extra hamzah the beginning of the word, established (pronounced) when starting, dropped when continuing.

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