Wednesday, November 9, 2011


25 October - This week's lecture was held at C23 with more than 30 students including lecturers as well as Director and Deputy Director of ISDEV attending. The Tazkirah session was delivered by Ustaz Shahir Akram while the lecture session was given by Ustaz Syakir.

The topics of the teachings for that day were linked to each other. The Tazkirah was about "knowledge". According to Ustaz Shahir, before making a decision to learn any knowledge, one must first identify that the knowledge is derived from true sources, as mentioned in famous saying which brings forth the meaning in "Do not follow a knowledge if you do not know because all will be asked and accounted for later in the Hereafter" (Janganlah kamu mengikuti sesuatu ilmu sekiranya kamu tidak tahu kerana semuanya akan ditanya di akhirat nanti).

Ustaz Syakir then continued the lecture session with a reminder that once knowledge is obtained one had to be persistent (gigih), diligent (tekun) and stand firm (teguh pendirian) to achieve one's ambitions. In other words, the "3Ks" (kegigihan, ketekunan, keteguhan) is the key to success in life. Thus he urged fellow ISDEV members to strive and get true knowledge and practice the "3Ks" concept. With Allah's will (insyaAllah) everyone can definitely succeed in life.

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