Tuesday, November 1, 2011


27 Sept - ' Each of the living things would die'. Thus as servants and khalifah (vicegerent) of Allah SWT on earth, we must be willing to equip ourselves with useful practices in preparation for our death. That is the main summary of the Tazkirah delivered by Ustazah Radieah Mohd Nor during this lecture. She added, as human beings, we should have short and long term plans as a guide for us to follow and execute throughout our lives. Every time that passes by us is very valuable. So we must fill it up with useful things so that we would not regret later on.

The next session was then continued by Ustaz Muhammad Yasir Yusuf, who continued with the discussions on Munakahat : Chapter on Nikah (Marriage). The focus of the day's lesson was associated with the rights of children towards their parents and the lineage relationship among them.

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