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New Straits Times, 15 July 2011 (Friday)

Showing commitment to her research

Dr Fadzila Azni Ahmad knew that pursuing a postgraduate education would enhance her expertise in her research area and enable her to seek intellectual challenges

DR Fadzila Azni Ahmad is the Chairman of the Islamic Development Management Department and Deputy Director of the Centre for Islamic Development Management Studies (ISDEV). Her expertise includes Islamic Management, Islamic Development Management and Management of Islamic Institutions, which she had studied during her postgraduate years attaining a Masters of Economics (Islamic Economics) and a doctorate in Islamic Development Management, from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Dr Fadzila came to know about USM at an education road show, after which she enrolled in the USM Science Matriculation course. Her postgraduate years at ISDEV have proved to be crucial in her career advancement.

There she had her fundamental training in writing academic articles, conducting research projects and lectures, and organising programmes.

Dr Fadzila notes, "A postgraduate qualification ' is, important as it indicates commitment and expertise in your research area."

"I decided to pursue further studies to enhance my expertise in my research area, skills in research and writing and seek intellectual challenges," shares Dr Fadzila.

She completed her master's and doctorate in USM as it was the only university which offered the Islamic Development Management field at the postgraduate level. The programme was tailored to train experts in the field of Islamic Management.

Postgraduate students involved in ISDEV research projects as research officers, present papers in workshops organized by ISDEV, conduct lectures on their research topics as well as organise academic programmes.

By the time she graduated, Dr Fadzila had drawn an impressive resume, having been awarded the IDMP-Malacca State Award, the 2008 USM Persada Kencana Best PhD Thesis Award and the 2009 Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin Best PhD Thesis Award.

She had also accrued 10 years of research experience and eight years of teaching various university courses.

Dr Fadzila's area of study covered the Management of Islamic Development Institutions which focused on the management methods applied by the Islamic Development Institutions from the Islamic worldview, epistemology, and ontology perspectives.

Because of this she is able to relate her postgraduate knowledge and experience with her current work as the Chairman of Islamic Development Management Studies, where she is much involved in organising postgraduate programmes offered in the department.

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