Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A total of 43 ISDEV fraternity, consisting of lecturers, post-doctoral fellow and graduate students are set to fly to Medan, Indonesia on Friday 11 March 2011. The missions abroad this time are to participate in two international seminars co-organised by ISDEV and Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) and embark on an intellectual expedition to Lake Toba (Prapat) organised by ISDEV Graduate Students Association in Medan. All the activities take 7 days, necessitating them to be in Indonesia until 17 March.

Backdrop of the 2010 International Seminar on The Dakwah Role of Higher Learning Institutions: Model, Application and Prospects

The first International Seminar to be held on 12 March at UMSU is on Islamic Management Application while the second to be held on 15 March at the same venue is on Islamic-Based Development (WAPI-4). A total of 42 papers will be presented by the ISDEV entourage from Penang, apart from by paper presenters from among the members of ISDEV Graduate Students in Medan and other outsiders.

The International Seminars and intellectual expedition are actually ISDEV annual exercises. This year is the fourth year of such an exercise. Photos in this posting are those of the last year's exercise.

ISDEV is praying that its fraternity to Medan this year would benefit the most as the previous years, and more important would be blessed, helped and protected by Allah SWT.

ISDEV fraternity presenting their papers
Parts of the participants of last year's WAPI-3 2010

As usual, congregational prayer wherever they are

2010 Intellectual expedition to Samosi Island, Prapat

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