Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The viva session on a tv screen broadcasted in a room outside the viva room

ISDEV PhD candidate Ahmad Azrin Adnan had simply aced his viva. He had successfully with confidence and aplomb defended his PhD Thesis entitled “Penentu Pemilihan Institusi Perbankan Islam Dalam Kalangan Muslim Di Terengganu” (Choice Determinants of the Islamic Banking Institutions Among the Muslims in Terengganu) during his viva which was held on Thursday 23 September, 2010 at the Mc Clintock Room of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) Building. The viva commenced at 9:55am and ended a mere half an hour later with high accreditation given to Ahmad Azrin for a thesis not only well written but also well defended. The three examiners unanimously agreed that the thesis ought to be nominated for an award both at the university level and the national level.

Before the viva: ISDEV brothers wishing good luck to Azrin after a special solat-ul-hajjat done for him

After the viva: Doa of thanks for Azrin's wonderful success

After the viva: Congratulations from ISDEVgraduate brothers

Azrin's wife (second right) with ISDEV graduate sisters
Associate Professor Dr Abdul Fatah Che Hamat (second left) and Dr Mohamad Zaini Abu Bakar (second right) of ISDEV came to the viva to join other ISDEV graduate students to support Azrin

A feast of thanks held at IPS immediately after the viva

Azrin (right) and his supervisor cum the Director of ISDEV, Prof Muhammad Syukri Salleh at the later's office after the viva

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