Tuesday, June 1, 2010


During the MISDEV08 Graduation Night, a brief message from ISDEV Director Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh, who is currently a Visiting Scholar at Islamic Research and Training Institute, Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was aired via a video recording.

The gists of his message are as follows:

I am confident that everyone is happy tonight because of at least 4 reasons:-

1. MISDEV08 because you have passed and received your Master.
2. Parents because of your children’s success.
3. Lecturers because of your success in teaching till the end.
4. MISDEV09 because of your ability to contribute to celebrate MISDEV08.

Although I am physically distant from you, I too share this happy moment, even though I feel that I am at the losing end because I am unable to be with you. 5 reasons I feel as if I am at the losing end:-

1. Because this is the first MISDEV group – which is historical.
2. Because I am unable to celebrate MISDEV08 success together.
3. Because I am unable to witness how MISDEV09 celebrate MISDEV08 as a token of friendship.
4. Because I am unable to see the first product of 30 years of striving.
5. Because I am unable to meet the parents to congratulate and seek forgiveness, if what is hoped for we are unable to fully deliver, for example not only the Master degree but also the improvement in Iman and Akhlak – becoming better of becoming even worse.

We, the lecturers had tried our best, but because we too are not perfect, thus our teachings are also not perfect. We sincerely apologise.

If I am able to follow my heart, definitely I do not want to be away from ISDEV. But for the sake of Islam and ISDEV, I have to travel to at least do the following 4 things:-

1. Muhasabah (Retrospect) and see ISDEV from outside to arrange the next strategy.
2. Search for new friends and to build a broader network.
3. Explore new experience to strengthen ISDEV.
4. To be closer to Allah in this sacred land that is full of history.

Thank you for giving me the chance.

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