Tuesday, July 14, 2009


On 10th July, 2009, ISDEV proved, yet once again, that the Islamic Development Management Studies beats mere rhetoric and theory. In keeping up with the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, a necessary element in the discipline, ISDEV feasted its members to Penang’s infamous Nasi Dalcha and 3 Celebration Cakes. The 3 Cakes signify the growing members of ISDEV as well as to signify “AH LAN WA SAH LAN” (which means “WELCOME” to ISDEV new batch of Masters in Islamic Development Management (Mix-Mode) students) and a sad yet affectionate “FAREWELL” to ISDEV Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr Saad Siddiqui whose research tenure ends on 27 July, 2009.

The day started with a heart to heart session between ISDEV existing batch of students and the new students at C06, School of Social Sciences. The session was chaired by ABI’s president, PhD candidate, Brother Mohd Salleh Abdullah. After the introductory session, the floor was open to existing ISDEV students for a “sharing” session as ISDEV lecturers were not present during the session. This session provided the platform for the new students to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally in their quest for knowledge at ISDEV by first getting to know the “likes” and “dislikes” of all ISDEV lecturers.

Before proceeding to taste the delectable fare prepared, ISDEV Post Doctoral Fellow, Dr Saad Siddiqui, from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan gave some parting words of advice to members of ISDEV. Dr Siddiqui who is leaving Penang on 25th July, 2009 said that he has mixed emotions on his departure. Joy and sorrow are intermixed as besides going back to his home he was about to leave “Paradise on Earth” which he “agreed 200% with Dr Abdul Hamid Khan Abbasi”. Although he was initially lost for words, Dr Siddiqui continued to say that the first memoirs are the most difficult to forget. This is because it is in ISDEV that besides being blessed with this environment of brotherhood and love his exposure to the English language ISDEV really helped him to complete a short hand book in English on Research Methodologies on Hadith.

He concluded his speech by reminding ISDEV members to always have within them these 4 elements of Iman, Virtuous Deeds, to propagate with Truth and to propagate with Patience as encapsulated in the verses of Surah Al-Asr.

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