Tuesday, March 31, 2009


With reference to Associated Press of Pakistan dated 14th February 2009, Dr. Abdul Hameed Khan Abbasi (pic), ISDEV Post-Doctoral Fellow has been conferred the prestigious Presidential Award for Academic Distinction named Izaz-i-fazeelat for the year 2008 by the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on Jan 27, 2009.

The award was conferred on Dr. Abdul Hameed for his outstanding contribution in producing most excellent quality text-books. His text-books have been recognized as the Best Text-Books on the national level in Pakistan. Dr Abdul Hameed Khan (Abbasi) is an Assistant Professor (BPS-19) at the Department of Quran & Tafseer, Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, at the Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

These eight award-winning text-books, all written in Urdu, have the following titles:

1. Talkees-w-Tasheel Alfauz Alkabeer Fi Usul Altafseer
2. Principles and History of Tafseer
3. Research Methodology
4. Sciences of Tafseer and its Evaluation
5. Textual Study of the Holy Quran
6. Study of Quran-e-Hakeem (Surah Ibraheem, Surah Yousuf and Surah Rahad)
7. Study of Quran-e-Hakeedm (Surah Younas, Surah Hood, Surah Yousuf, Surah Rahad and Surah Ibraheem)
8. Study of Quran-e-Hakeedm (30th part of Quran)

Dr. Abdul Hameed started his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at ISDEV on 18th September 2008. He is currently busy with his Post-Doctoral Fellow research on “Contemporary Methodologies in Tafseer” under the supervision of ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh.

Within this span of time, Dr. Abdul Hameed has produced three articles as follows:

1. Mowatta Imam Malik an Muwatta Imam Muhammad: Introduction and Methodology (in Urdu)
2. Tafseer: Its Origin, Importance and Sources (in English)
3. The Method of Al-Quran Al-Hakeem in the Solution of Conflicts between Husband and Wife (in Arabic)

He also presents regular seminar series on Quranic Arabic for the benefit of university community besides attending the other seminars series and programs of ISDEV regularly.

Congratulations Dr. Abdul Hameed! May Allah be pleased with your efforts. Ameen.

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