Saturday, September 22, 2007


During his talk on "Contemporary Muslims Critiques of Conventional Research Methodology" at ISDEV In-House Seminar on Friday 21 September 2007, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh (left) observed that the Muslims' critiques of the conventional research methodology are still mostly confined to the philosophical underpinnings and almost none is touched on its technical instruments. In fact, he argued, there are limited literatures on Islamic Research Methodology themselves, hence the need to fill the loopholes so as construction of a holistic Islamic Research Methodology could be realized in a comprehensive manner.

Profesor Muhammad Syukri Salleh is the Director of ISDEV and the talk was the fourth series of ISDEV In-House Seminar pertaining to the critiques of conventional and construction of Islamic research methodology.

The next series will be held on Friday 28 September 2007. Dr Mohamad Zaini Abu Bakar will speak on "An Analysis of Research Ethics in Conventional Research Methodology".

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