Tuesday, September 27, 2011


ISDEV PhD student Datuk Khairil Anwar Subakti unexpectedly passed away in Medan this morning, believed to be due to a heart attack.

ISDEV members recall him as a hardworking and committed student, rarely missing any of ISDEV Graduate academic meetings either in Penang or Medan. He has a very supportive wife who never missed to accompany him whenever he came to ISDEV. Annually when ISDEV-UMSU Islamic Development Workshop (WAPI) were held in Medan, both Datuk Khairil and his wife treated ISDEV delegations generously with dinner at their residence. Both also take a good care of the former's old father at their home. Datuk Khairil too has a high knowledge of Islam, and used to deliver it to ISDEV delegations through his tazkirah after maghrib and fajr prayers.

His demise is a lost to ISDEV indeed. He has completed the first draft of his PhD thesis (except the Conclusion chapter) and expected to complete his study in a very near future. But Allah SWT loves him more. May Allah SWT showers him with rahmah and mercy and place him together with those who Allah SWT loves.

ISDEV members at USM performed solatul-ghaib for the late Datuk Khairil Anwar. So are those abroad, such as Prof Muhammad Syukri Salleh, Dr Zakaria Bahari and Dr Zahri Hamat who are in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei at the moment, and Dr Warjio in Perth, Australia.


15 Sept -‘The Raya mood is still in the air’. ISDEV took this lovely day to celebrate ‘Idul Fitri with its new and current students, as well as lecturers and other members. This event was held at the Foyer of the School of Social Sciences during lunch hours.

The purpose of this event was not only to celebrate ‘Idul Fitri and savour the delicious food and “kuih raya” (raya cookies) but was also held as a gesture of a warm ukhuwwah welcome to ISDEV new students.

Adding colour to this event was the presence of two delicious cakes with attractive decorations. Students and members of ISDEV used the occasion to get to know one other while enjoying their dishes.

The Director of ISDEV, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh and Deputy Director, Dr. Fadzila Azni Ahmad were among those attending this event. The event ended at 2.30 pm.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Mohd Saharudin Shakrani presenting his PhD Research Proposal

15 Sept - With the time allotted for 1 and half hours, ISDEV PhD candidate, Mohd Saharudin Shakrani took the opportunity wisely to present his PhD Research proposal on "Penilaian Prestasi Sekuriti Patuh Syariah Bursa Malaysia dan Kemeruapan Model Peletakan Harga Aset dalam Bentuk Islam" (Assesment of the Syariah Compliant Securities in Bursa Malaysia and the Volatility Conditions of the Asset Pricing Placement Model in Islam). The proposal was presented in front of more than 50 attendees consisting of ISDEV lecturers and postgraduate students at the Conference Room of C06, School of Social Sciences. Scores of questions to him ensued his presentation which included questions fielded by ISDEV Director, Professor Muhammad Syukri Salleh.

After a detailed evaluation given by Associate Professor Dr Abdul Fatah Che Hamat, Mohd Saharudin finally recieved the good news that his PhD Research Proposal was accepted. He had been given the endorsement to proceed with the thesis proper. He was elated with joy that tears could be seen swelling up his eyes when he heard the blissful news. He expressed his gratitude to Allah SWT and his main supervisor Dr. Zakaria Bahari as well as his co-supervisor Dr.Zahri Hamat for their guidance in helping him write his proposal.

Congratulation Mohd Saharudin!


Arrange the books neatly as a sign of respect for books

6 Sept - This week’s lecture focused on the topic of ‘How to Exalt Knowledge’ delivered by Ustaz Mohd Syakir. The tazkirah (reminder) session was given by Ustaz Mohd. Shukri Hanapi. As usual, the lecture started with the solo rendition of the nasyid ‘Sunnah Orang Berjuang’ by Ustaz Mohd Syakir.

For the tazkirah session, Ustaz Mohd. Shukri Hanapi took the opportunity once again to explain about the contents of the lyrics to the nasyid Sunah Orang Berjuang’. However this time around he stressed and discussed in detail the meaning of Syahid (martyrdom).

According to him, based on Hadith narrated by Al-Turmizi from Abi Hurairah, Rasullullah SAW which bears the following interpretation "There are 5 types of martyrs, the first type is those who died of stomach pains, the second type is those who died from a stab wound, the third is the one who died drowning in water, the fourth is the one caught in the rubble of a land slide and the fifth is the one who died in a fi sabilillah (in Allah’s way) war."

He also said that there are three categories of Syahid which are as follows:-

1) Syahid Dunia (Worldly Martyrdom) – Those who died in a war against the kafir (disbelievers) to get the ghanimah (war booty) and not for the sake of exalting Allah swt.

2) Syahid Akhirat (Hereafter Martyrdom) – Such as mothers who died while delivering her child, drowned, burnt to death, while in search of knowledge and murdered while helping someone in great distress.

3) Syahid Dunia dan Akhirat (Worldly and Hereafter Martyrdoms) – Those who died in a war fought against the disbelievers to defend the highest stature of Islam. They do not need to be bathed or prayed to and wrapped in a white winding sheet with their clothes soaked in blood and buried.

For the lecture on “How to Exalt Knowledge” Ustaz Syakir mentioned that the simplest way to exalt knowledge is through “one’s mannerism with the books” such as:

i) Not to extend the legs and feet to the direction of the books;

ii) The tafsir (interpretation of the Quran) books are to be placed above all other books to exhibit respect;

iii) Not to place anything on the books;

iv) To respect fellow friends and the teachers teaching the knowledge;

v) Make the effort to win’s friend’s love and affection; and

vi) Not bored in seeking knowledge.

The lecture ended at 4.30 pm with the recitation of Tasbih Kiffarah and Surah Al-Asr followed by the congregational ‘Asr prayer.