Saturday, October 30, 2010


On the authority of Abu Sa'id (radhi Allah 'anhu), who said that the Messenger of Allah (salallahu 'alaihi wassalam) said: "Let not any one of you belittle himself. They said: O Messenger of Allah, how can any one of us belittle himself? He said: He finds a matter concerning Allah about which he should say something, and he does not say [it], so Allah (mighty and sublime be He) says to him on the Day of Resurrection: What prevented you from saying something about such-and-such and such-and-such? He say: [It was] out of fear of people. Then He says: Rather it is I whom you should more properly fear."[Hadith from al-Tirmidhi, Number 5083, Narrated Abu Dharr, related by Ibn Majah with a sound chain of authorities].

Monday, October 25, 2010


ISDEV PhD Candidate Brother Muhammad Tahir has submitted his PhD thesis on 24 September, 2010. The title is “Methods and Pracitice of Tazkiyah an-Nafs in Islamic-Based Development: A Case Study of the Koperasi Pondok Pesantren (KOPONTREN) Daarut Tauhid Bandung, Indonesia (Kaedah Dan Amalan Tazkiyyah Al-Nafs Dalam Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam: Kajian Kes Koperasi Pondok Pesantren (Kopontren) Daarut Tauhiid, Bandung, Indonesia).

He has been working with ISDEV Director Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh and ISDEV Management Committee Member Dr Mohamad Zaini Abu Bakar.

Viva voce for the thesis is expected to be held sometime in November 2010. When the exact date is confirmed, a mock viva will be held at ISDEV to train him to face the real viva voce.

Whilst waiting for his viva, Brother Muhammad Tahir, who hails from the island of Sulawesi Indonesia, is currently busy with activities that are spiritual as well as intellectual and physical in nature including writing articles for publication in journals.

Listening to Muhammad Tahir's presentation of his thesis at ISDEV before he was allowed to submit it

Sunday, October 24, 2010


ISDEV new family member: Brother Khairul's son on ISDEV Director's lap at the gathering

A belated but memorable news!

On Wednesday, 22 September, 2010 ISDEV held a Hari Raya get-together to its fraternity. It was one of the activities organized with the aim to provide the platform for ISDEV members to bind further the ukhuwwah (Islamic brotherhood). It was held at the Banquet Hall of Universiti Sains Malaysia.

ISDEV members and their families gathered at the Hall by 7:00pm and the event started off with performing the Maghrib prayer congregationally. A short tazkirah by ISDEV PhD Candidate Warjio ensued immediately thereafter. As the time for ‘Isya had beckoned members to perform, this was also done congregationally.

Before members were allowed to taste the scrumptious food that had been specially ordered for this occasion, ISDEV lecturers followed by representatives of ISDEV students gave a very short but affable Hari Raya greetings to all those who were present.

Then came ISDEV Director’s, Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh, turn to give his Hari Raya message to ISDEV fraternity. He congratulated members who were able to successfully attain the highest level of saum (fast) and thus be rewarded with the celebrations of ‘Eid. As for members who might not be successful in attaining the highest level of saum, he reminded them to supplicate to Allah swt for forgiveness and also to seek Allah’s blessings that they are in a position to meet with Ramadhan next year to strive again for the highest level of saum.

After the Hari Raya greetings, it was bon apetit to all who were present!

ISDEV brothers before the dinner

Brother Warjio delivering a tazkirah after maghrib prayer

Parts of ISDEV sisters listening to Brother Warjio's tazkirah
Time for the foods
Mixed Mode Master students 2010 (MISDEV10) taking the opportunity to record their presence at the gathering


Narrated Abu Jamra Ad-Dabi: I used to sit with Ibn 'Abbas in Mecca. Once I had a fever and he said (to me), "Cool your fever with Zam-zam water, for Allah's Apostle said: 'It, (the Fever) is from the heat of the (Hell) Fire; so, cool it with water (or Zam-zam water)" [Hadith from the Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 483].

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The viva session on a tv screen broadcasted in a room outside the viva room

ISDEV PhD candidate Ahmad Azrin Adnan had simply aced his viva. He had successfully with confidence and aplomb defended his PhD Thesis entitled “Penentu Pemilihan Institusi Perbankan Islam Dalam Kalangan Muslim Di Terengganu” (Choice Determinants of the Islamic Banking Institutions Among the Muslims in Terengganu) during his viva which was held on Thursday 23 September, 2010 at the Mc Clintock Room of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) Building. The viva commenced at 9:55am and ended a mere half an hour later with high accreditation given to Ahmad Azrin for a thesis not only well written but also well defended. The three examiners unanimously agreed that the thesis ought to be nominated for an award both at the university level and the national level.

Before the viva: ISDEV brothers wishing good luck to Azrin after a special solat-ul-hajjat done for him

After the viva: Doa of thanks for Azrin's wonderful success

After the viva: Congratulations from ISDEVgraduate brothers

Azrin's wife (second right) with ISDEV graduate sisters
Associate Professor Dr Abdul Fatah Che Hamat (second left) and Dr Mohamad Zaini Abu Bakar (second right) of ISDEV came to the viva to join other ISDEV graduate students to support Azrin

A feast of thanks held at IPS immediately after the viva

Azrin (right) and his supervisor cum the Director of ISDEV, Prof Muhammad Syukri Salleh at the later's office after the viva

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good (Islâm), enjoining Al-Ma'rûf (i.e. that Islâm orders one to do) and forbidding Al-Munkar (and all that Islâm has forbidden). And it is they who are the successful [Aali 'Imraan, 3: 104].

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Malik related to me from Sumayy, the mawla of Abu Bakr from Abu Salih from Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Travelling is a portion of the torment. It denies you your sleep, food, and drink. When you have accomplished your purpose, you should hurry back to your family" [Translation of Malik's Muwatta, Book 54, Number 54.15.39].

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Be not, then, faint of heart, and grieve not: for you are bound to rise high if you are (truly)believers [Aali 'Imraan, 3:139].

Saturday, October 2, 2010



Presenting papers

Thanks to the support received from IPS (Institute of Postgraduate Studies), Universiti Sains Malaysia, a total of 62 working papers were successfully presented at the Workshop Antarbangsa Pembangunan Berteraskan Islam III (WAPI-3). WAPI-3 was held within the grounds of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) on 2nd August, 2010 in Medan, Indonesia. The papers were mostly written and presented by ISDEV postgraduate students. WAPI -3 which is in its third series is an annual event jointly organized by UMSU and ISDEV.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The recent trip of the ISDEV fraternity to Medan, Indonesia was truly amazing. ISDEV members had the chance to taste Medan home-cooked food almost every dinner time whilst they were there from 1 August 2010 until 7 August 2010. Each of ISDEV PhD candidates who hailed from Medan took turn to host the ISDEV delegates who were there for the 7 day 6 night trip.

Brother Dato’ Khairil Anwar was the first to host the dinner at his lovely abode in a place called Gelugor. He had also surprised ISDEV Director, Professor Dr Muhammad Syukri Salleh, with a birthday cake. The next in line was dinner at Brother Farid Wajdi’s abode for dinner. He surprised ISDEV members with delectable home-cooked eel which was, to some, simply too irresistible.

For the fourth night, Brother Heri Kusmonto honoured ISDEV members with dinner at his exquisite residence which was quite a distance from the hurried and bustling life of the third busiest city in Indonesia. Some members who looked forward to be served with the mouth-watering cucumber juice were definitely contented with the luxurious delightful spread.

ISDEV members were brought to Prapart on the fifth night. Dinner was at the great outdoor with the beautiful and scenic Lake Toba in the backdrop. There ISDEV members were treated with “Ikan Bakar” and the delicious king of the fruits durians of North Sumatera.

Back form Prapart, Dr Sukiman, an ISDEV alumni gave a dinner treat at his beautiful house. Besides presenting the appetizing fair with a mixture of Medan and Aceh home-cooked food, there was a presentation by a Marhaban Group and another birthday cake for Prof Syukri (as he is affectionately known) to commemorate his 56th Birthday.

Just before flying back to Penang, ISDEV members were then hosted for lunch at Brother Suhrawardi Lubis’ private residence. His family members especially his wife, Sister Latifah, was all smiles as she saw ISDEV members tasting her home cooked dishes with such enthusiasm. In enjoying the food that had been prepared the ISDEV fraternity was at all times mindful of the adab (the manner and decorum) of being a guest and of eating as exemplified by Rasulullah s.a.w.